The Institution has adequate infrastructure including 20 Classrooms, two Smart Classrooms, two Geography Lab, one Commerce lab, one Computer lab, one Language lab, one Seminar Hall and a Library. Among these, Computer lab & Language lab are well equipped with IT facilities such as computer & other IT tools. Furthermore, Seminar hall, Smart classrooms & Commerce lab are well equipped with modern ICT facilities such as Interactive Flat Panel display, Digital podium, DTH connection, 8TB hard disk (E-content), Interactive board, Projector, Sound system and free WiFi facility in whole campus all of which further facilitates the better teaching-learning experience. The Institution has an adequate number of computers, scanner, printer & a broadband connection of 2 mbps, almost in all administrative offices which makes the administrative work smooth. In addition to all of the above, the Institution's library has sufficient reading material of around 6000 books including text books, reference books, stories, novels, rare books, etc. which are made available for the students and staff as well. 

The Institution ensures proper utilization of various grants received each year so that proper expenditure could be made on infrastructure augmentation such ICT facilities, Lab augmentation, Sports facilities, Cultural facilities, etc. The Institution also utilizes various types of funds for the maintenance of infrastructure including academic support & physical support facilities such as repairing of IT tools/other equipment, upgrading software, upkeep/ proper cleanliness in classrooms/laboratory/library, maintenance of parks/lawns/playground in the campus, etc.